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The Board of Review is appointed by the County Board to serve as the final authority on all tax assessments and to insure uniformity and equitable property assessments. The Board of Review functions mainly to:

• Review the assessments of the property made by the Supervisor of Assessments
• Correct, if necessary, any individual assessment, add property to the tax roll and correct property descriptions.
• Grant tax exempt property status subject to the approval of the Illinois Department of Revenue to any qualified property owner pursuant to Section 16-70 of the Property Tax Code.
• Approve/disapprove all types of homestead exemptions.
• Hear all complaints regarding property assessments and make final decisions on same. It is in the capacity that the Board of Review adjusts property tax assessments if it deems such action is appropriate.
• A complete list of assessment changes by the Board of Review will be available for public inspection in Room 110, Clinton County Courthouse, 850 Franklin St, Carlyle IL 62231.

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